O Naturals Exfoliating Oatmeal & Coffee Natural Body Wash is an aromatically-pleasing way to boost your skin’s health.

Naturally & gently exfoliates dead skin cells
- Ingredient infusion reveals cleansed and soft skin.

- Oatmeal smooths and soothes sensitive skin.
- Coffee boosts circulation and calms inflammation.
- Vitamin E has anti-aging and healing properties.
- Features Dead Sea Minerals for added exfoliation and skin therapy
- Olive Oil moisturizes and protects the skin.


- Eco-Friendly
- Natural ingredients
- No harmful chemicals


oats and coffee


The combination of Oatmeal and Coffee is designed to wholly enrich and invigorate your skin.  It will leave you feeling truly clean and charged for the day.

O Naturals Exfoliating Oatmeal & Coffee Natural Body Wash is enriched with Arabica Coffee grinds for several purposes.  The first purpose is to use its caffeine content to boost your skin’s circulation.  This awakens your skin to leave you with a touch of zesty feeling from top to bottom.  The second purpose is to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  This leaves you with youthful, supple skin.

More outstanding is the fact that Coffee is also a wonderful exfoliator.  It removes excess oils whilst rejuvenating skin. This is an outstanding complement to the Dead Sea Minerals infused into the mix, making for a true exfoliating experience.

To complement the reinvigorating effects of the Arabica Coffee, Oat Kernel Extract was added to give a calm tone to the skin.  As an essential oil Oat Kernel Extract smoothes and soothes even the most sensitive skin.

To work in conjuncture with the Coffee and Oatmeal, this body wash has been infused with Olive OilOlive Oil relieves inflammation and irritation.

O Naturals Exfoliating Oatmeal & Coffee Natural Body Wash is a great way to improve your skin care regiment and leave your skin soft, smooth, and satisfied.

Start enjoying the benefits today!