Embrace the anti-fungal and antibacterial power of O Naturals Cleansing Jojoba & Tea Tree Natural Body Wash.


- Filled with high quality pure essential oils
- Cleanses and smoothens your skin

Tea Tree Oil features anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
Tea Tree Oil fights acne.
Jojoba Oil hydrates and fights against free radicals.

- Therapeutic and nourishing
- Added Olive Oil hydrates and repairs the skin.
Lavender Oil’s fragrance is relaxing.
Lavender Oil improves sleep quality.


- Natural ingredients
- No harmful chemicals


tea tree jojoba

O Naturals Cleansing Jojoba & Tea Tree Natural Body Wash is rich with wonderful benefits for your skin’s health and beauty. Both Jojoba and Tea Tree Leaf Oil have powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties.  These properties kill off bacteria and combat acne, as well as breakouts.

Individually, Tea Tree Leaf Oil fights Eczema and Psoriasis to benefit those who are dealing with those skin conditions.  Jojoba Oil serves to polish everything off by softening your skin, bringing out its youthful exuberance. 

Both Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Jojoba Oil are also natural moisturizers.  They clean the skin on its lower levels without drying it out. This leaves you with clean, moist skin for the rest of your day.

This body wash is infused with several other premium essential oils. Olive Oil soothes inflammation and irritation.  This complements the Tea Tree Leaf Oil’s ability to combat skin inflammation.  For an extra, aromatic and relaxing benefit, Lavender Oil was added.  Lavender Oil relaxes your skin and mind.  It even improves sleep quality.

Infused with Dead Sea minerals, pure essential oils, and made with natural ingredients, O Naturals Cleansing Jojoba & Tea Tree Natural Body Wash is a truly innovative way to Improve your skin care regiment.  It will leave your skin soft, smooth, and satisfied.

Start enjoying the benefits of O Naturals Cleansing Jojoba & Tea Tree Natural Body Wash today!