Give yourself a refreshingly clean smile by trying O Naturals Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder with Peppermint.

O Naturals Activated Charcoal & Clay Teeth Whitening Powder with Peppermint

- Naturally rids teeth of tartar, plaque, and buildup.
- Reduces the appearance of coffee, nicotine and wine stains.
- Leaves mouth feeling cleaner than ever
- Brightens and whitens teeth

- No painful scraping or use of harsh chemicals
- Leaves teeth smooth, white, and vibrant-looking

- Peppermint Essential Oil keeps your breath fresh.
- Activated Charcoal breaks down odor-causing oral bacteria.
- Contains high-quality natural ingredients
- Does not contain fluoride or bleach
- Safe for daily use or a bi-weekly treatment

- Made with natural and organic Ingredients
- Chemical-free
- Cruelty-free

Made in the UK

This deeply cleansing and breath-freshening tooth powder is made from the choicest of natural ingredients.  These ingredients were specifically chosen to work in conjunction with each other to give you a brighter, minty smile.

The base ingredient of this tooth powder is Activated Charcoal PowderActivated Charcoal can be made from a large variety of plant matter and fruit.  But we specifically chose to use charcoal from a truly nourishing source.  So we chose to make it out of coconut shells.  This Activated Charcoal will give your teeth an unprecedented, deep, home cleaning. You will be pleasantly surprised when you get bright, white and sparkling teeth after brushing such a dark powder on them. But Activated Charcoal’s benefits extend beyond just making your smile look nicer as it really cleans your teeth’s enamel.

Activated Charcoal actually attaches itself to the dirt and debris from the tooth’s enamel. It then removes these extrinsic stains, or “surface stains” from many of their usual causes such as coffee or red wine. It will also pull other types of bacteria, as well as plaque and tartar from the enamel as well.  The result from its use is a newly-brightened, clean smile.

Of course, O Naturals would not just leave you with a clean mouth.  It has to smell fresh as well!  To do this we infused this tooth powder with Peppermint. This provides a minty kick for flavor and scent. Beyond that, Peppermint doesn’t just smell good.  Lab studies show that the compounds found in Peppermint Oil have antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant properties, meaning it can help to fight oral infections.  So smell fresh and have a toxin-free mouth with Peppermint.


Just to give O Naturals Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder with Peppermint one more level of clean, it was infused with a touch of Bentonite Clay. Bentonite Clay binds to toxins and is especially effective to combat the effects of exposure to heavy metals such as Mercury. It really does the job around the whole mouth as well as it does the tongue and gums in addition to the teeth. It is also mineral rich so will add strength and luster to your teeth and gums.


For a deep-clean, minty-fresh, all-day smile, try O Naturals Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder with Peppermint.