Triple Milled Soaps

What does triple milled mean and why you need to know!

Have you ever wondered why some soap lasts and some just doesn't?

Some soaps smell great before you use them, promise that they are filled with all the botanical goodness you could ask for and come at a premium price yet leave your skin feeling kind of blurgh and then turn into a runny mess on your soap dish.

Why? The culprit probably has to do with the production process. Think about it this way, I could give someone the lushest, freshest produce to cook a meal with but if they don’t know how to cook I’m probably not going to end up with a particularly appetizing meal. The way your soap is made is going to make a huge difference to its quality.

Soap has been made for over 3500 years, the general process is to mix an acid (think coconut oil) and a base (normally lye though we only use Vegetable Glycerine). This creates a chemical reaction called saponification. Saponification produces the initial stage of soap, which is then allowed to dry. Once dried you end up with soap crystals. This is where the triple milling process comes in.

“The soap crystals are first mixed with natural colors and essential oils. The mixture is then put through high-pressure steel rollers three times. Hence the name “triple milled”. The result is a thick soap paste which is then put into molds..”

So why triple milled? There are multiple advantages of a triple milled bar of soap over a traditional drugstore bar of soap.

  • As the soap crystals as have been milled multiple times the soap will be incredibly smooth.
  • All the ingredients will be evenly and compactly mixed into your soap
  • A denser soap means it will last longer (no more gloopy mess on your soap dish!).
  • It will create a much richer and creamier lather than a traditional soap.

Now you know about the benefits of a triple milled soap should you try one? Yes, definitely! But beware not all triple milled soaps are created equally. When cheap mills are used the final product can be coarse and grainy. The quality of the essential oils also matters.

O Naturals offers a line of 6 different triple milled soaps. As with all our products we only use the highest quality manufacturing standards and purest ingredients. Each of our soaps is created with a different need in mind and they smell incredible!

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious and natural triple milled soap, look no further.


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