The Beauty Benefits of Citrus Fruits

When I think of citrus I think fresh scents, tangy salads, and freshly squeezed juices. But citrus fruits are oh-so-much more than that.

Citrus fruits have wonderful benefits for your skin and body to keep you healthy and beautiful, inside and out.

What is a Citrus Fruit?

Citrus Fruits are the fruits found on flowering trees and shrubs in the Rue Family. Plants from this family generally have flowers which separate into four or five parts. The flowers have a strong scent and there is some discussion as to which part of the world this plant family originated in.

The Fruits are a type of berry which range in size from very small (think kumquat) to large (pomelo). They usually have a leathery rind with a soft white and spongy layer between the rind and fruit. .

Why are they so healthy?

Citrus fruits are a serious source of Vitamin C. One large orange, for example, should have enough Vitamin C to fill your daily nutritional requirement.

They are also high in Vitamin B, magnesium and potassium, which are necessary for a balanced diet.

They are rich in carotenoids, flavonoids, citric acid, essential oils and a great source of fiber. They are also comparatively low in calories.

Essentially they are a perfect choice for a nutrition packed snack without weighing you down with extra and unnecessary calories.

Do they have beauty benefits?

Yes, yes they do.

All that nutritional goodness is just as beneficial for your skin as it is your body.

Vitamin C is a major player in the beauty world today. Vitamin C boosts and maintains collagen production which is essential for skin elasticity and evening skin tone. Packed with Ascorbic Acid, this antioxidant-rich, beauty superstar fights free radicals, brightens and smooths skin. It is especially popular for anti-aging products but is so rich in beauty benefits it can be suitable for all skin types.

Our Favorite Ways to Use Citrus


If you are going to invest in one essential oil, I recommend lemon. It can be used as an additional oil in the Oil Cleansing Method (only a couple of drops needed - not more!), as a spot treatment (to lighten scars or treat blemishes) or for aromatherapy. Besides it's incredibly fresh and clean scent there is quite a lot of research suggesting it can boost your immune system when used in a diffuser.


A brilliant way to use lime is in this Coconut and Lime Raw Sugar Scrub. What I love about this recipe is it uses fresh lime rather than lime essential oil. I love essential oils but I'm obsessed with DIY's that transform basic food items into luxury spa treatments. Try this out for smooth and polished skin. You won't be disappointed.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange is one of my all time favorite citrus fruits. The color is so vibrant and the scent is irresistible. A perfect way to relax and relish in its incredibly fresh fragrance is with a Paddywax Blood Orange and Citrus Scented Candle.


If you have oily skin, oranges can be your best friend. This Orange Peel Face Mask mask once again only uses regular ingredients found in your fridge. It is a bit more time consuming than some DIY recipes but the payoff is worth it, trust me!

O Naturals 6 Piece Citrus Vitamin C & E Bar Soap Collection

Vitamin C has ultra-hydrating and collagen boosting properties that smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

O Naturals recently released a 6 Piece Citrus Soap Collection combining the most natural and nourishing ingredients with outstandingly fresh and zesty fragrances. Packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin E you can expect to be left with smooth and revived skin.

There are countless ways to use Citrus Fruits. Whether by eating them, juicing them, bathing in them or making a DIY mask to brighten and add vibrancy to your skin. What ever you choose make sure you enjoy their bountiful benefits on offer whenever you can.

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