Introducing the O Naturals Salt Scrub Collection

So, you’ve heard of salt scrubs? If you haven’t, let me tell you that they are a wonderful addition to your skincare regimen. Why are they so great? The answer is that they offer your skin an intense and deeply exfoliating, cleansing experience. I mean, we’re talking about salt here! So you should know that you’re in for one seriously invigorating and clarifying experience.
So here at the O Naturals Family, we thought: “Gee, wouldn’t it be awesome to make some powerful Salt Scrubs? You know, throw in some ingredients that take it up to another level?” So this is exactly what we did with our Dead Sea Salt Scrub Collection.
There are all sorts of salts out there that are good for your skin but we weren’t willing to settle for just any salt. We only want to bring you the best. So, we went to the 21 mineral-rich, all-time therapeutic legend: Dead Sea Salt.; Try finding a better exfoliator than Dead Sea Salt. Go ahead! It probably isn’t going to happen. We brought this beauty in to do some serious yet gentle exfoliating.
Did we mention those mineral also have incredible, regenerative powers? Dead Sea Salt will polish away dead skin cells, smooth out your skin and reveal fresh regenerated skin underneath. As if Dead Sea Salt wasn’t powerful enough, we added different infusions to take our scrubs to the next level. In fact, we came out with four of them.
O Naturals Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt Scrub is designed to detoxify and exfoliate your skin.
Leading the charge, we’re bringing our ultra, detoxifying, exfoliation formula with our Charcoal Dead Sea Salt Scrub. The Dead Sea Salt does the exfoliating while the Charcoal deeply cleanses and pulls out trapped toxins! This Charcoal-infused Dead Sea Salt scrub is a serious purifier for your skin. It even tones and buffs your skin to look brand-spanking new! Of course it was infused with some Sweet Almond, Peppermint, and Jojoba oil to really smooth out your skin. It is a true O Naturals Style blend.
O Naturals Coconut Dead Sea Salt Scrub was designed to purify & moisturize you skin by removing impurities to reveal soft, nourished and healthy skin.
If you’re in a little more of a tropical mood, try the Coconut Dead Sea Salt Scrub. With the deep, purifying experience from the Dead Sea Salt, this infusion uses Coconut Oil to really hydrate and protect your skin. It even whitens your skin’s complexion. With the supporting Sweet Almond, Avocado, and Argan Oil, this is your go-to scrub for pure, moisturized skin.
O Naturals Grapefruit and Vanilla Dead Sea Salt Scrub is a truly incredible acne fighter, anti-inflammatory, and eraser of cellulite which leaves you with healthier, firmer skin.
If you want an energizing and sweet Dead Sea Salt Scrub, check out our Grapefruit and Vanilla Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Harnessing the power of Grapefruit and Vanilla, this Dead Sea Salt scrub will purify, reawaken, and soften your skin. It will bring a truly uplifting scent after you rinse. This scrub will also moisturize, tone, fight acne and help to reduces fine lines and wrinkles. That sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?
Designed for all skin types, O Naturals Lemon & Mint Dead Sea Salt Scrub can be used as a face scrub, hand scrub, or body scrub.
To leave your skin feeling truly clean and fresh, O Naturals brings you the Lemon and Mint Dead Sea Salt Scrub. This fresh and zesty Dead Sea Salt Scrub will bring your skin back to life refreshed and vibrant. It purifies your skin from toxins and then energizes it leaving you feeling renewed. Of course, it’s filled with a blend of essential oils which can help to fight acne, balance the skin tone, and control oil production.

Proper usage for our salt scrubs

There is a purpose for the oil added into the salt scrubs, when using a salt scrub it is vital to follow up with proper moisturizer – hence the oil, must pat dry after shower. With the charcoal scrub it is very important to rinse IN SHOWER with WARM water and make sure charcoal is fully rinsed off before toweling off.

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