HEV Protection

HEV Protection

HEV protection is an absolute must in today’s world! Why is that? It is because we are all glued to device screens for a huge part of our day. So as you’re reading this, you are actually exposing your skin to HEV light as we speak. So what exactly is HEV light?

What is HEV Light and Why Do I Need HEV Protection?

HEV (High Energy Visible) Light is kind of like the creepy cousin of UV light.  HEV or “blue light” exposure comes from cell phones, laptops and tablets.

To try and understand what HEV light is, you need to look at the light spectrum in general. The spectrum of visible light that is emitted by the sun consists of all the colors of the rainbow, with wavelengths of 390 nm (nanometers) to 700nm. So we can’t actually see certain wave lengths of light such us UVA and UVB light because they are on different wavelengths. UVA rays run the range from 320 nm to 400 nm While UVB rays go from 280 nm to 320nm, making these what are known as invisible light. They are only around during the day.  The UVB light is what causes sunburns and the UVA light is what causes deeper damage like wrinkles, losing firmness, etc.

In contrast, the HEV light that is coming from the sun and your electronic devices ranges from 380 nm to 500 nm, a bit longer than, but overlapping with, the range of UVA light. Some scientists even put HEV light’s range more strongly at 400-450 nm in terms of its damage to skin.

While the ultraviolet damage of UVA and UVB rays are pretty nasty over time, so is the damage from HEV light. Unlike UVA and UVB rays, HEV light actually penetrates all three layers of the skin where it causes premature aging, pigmentation, redness and perhaps even contributes to skin cancer. It does this by breaking down the skin’s ability to produce elastin and collagen as well as breaking down other components of the skin’s regenerative system.

So, we can see that HEV light is no joke and unfortunately, exposure to it is probably not going to go away from it, barring some sort of disaster that destroys all electronics and sends us back to the early days of the industrial revolution.  Since that probably isn’t going to happen, let’s look at what you can do to protect your skin from HEV damage.


Ways to Protect Against HEV Light Damage:

SPF, SPF, and More SPF!

Just like when you’re heading out for a nice day at the beach, put on your SPF protection before you get out the door to your office.  It is recommended to put on at least SPF 30. And because HEV light really penetrates deep, make sure to load up on antioxidants to get the deep protection against oxidative damage caused by HEV light.  If you remember to do this, you will keep that HEV light damage at bay!

Put down your phone!

While this probably isn’t going to happen, it goes without saying that if you sit in the shade when you’re outside on a sunny day, you can avoid exposure to HEV light by simply not being in front of screens all day. So, don’t start playing away on your phone or computer. But, this probably isn’t a realistic solution if you work in an office or, ya know, live in the 21st century. Fortunately….

Screen covers?

That’s right, get yourself some HEV protection screen covers for your phone, computer, tablet, and TV! Just like that, it’s basically problem solved for you and anybody else looking at those screens.  They also come at surprisingly reasonable prices.


So remember, put the phone down and put more SPF protection on! But if you are going to be looking at screens, be sure to check us out at O Naturals for more natural skincare news and products!

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