Harnessing the Cleansing Power of Dead Sea Salt

I have been trying everything and anything to exfoliate my skin. I've tried a whole bunch of different essential oils, salts, and anything under the sun that is said to exfoliate and rejuvenate my skin. Ultimately, I have discovered that there's nothing out there that does the job better than the famed Dead Sea Salt.
I should have already known that, right? I mean, Cleopatra knew that over two thousand years ago! So my advice to those who take their skin health seriously: You need to be scrubbing with Dead Sea Salt; If you are already, hats off to you. If you’re not, you’re missing out. It is an absolute must for your skin care regimen.
Now, you’re probably wondering: “Why Dead Sea Salt? There are plenty of other types of salt scrubs out there?”
The answer is quite simple: Other salts don’t even compare to the absolute dermatological prowess of Dead Sea Salt.; it’s not even a fair contest when you compare them!
Dead Sea Salt is very unique in its composition. Most oceanic salt is approximately 85% sodium chloride which leaves very little room for other minerals. On the other hand, Dead Sea Salt is only 30.5% sodium chloride leaving a significant amount of room for 21 natural minerals that do absolute wonders for the body. They really do.
They work together to provide some very serious skin benefits:
· If it’s deep penetrating skin hydration, cleansing, and purifying pores, Dead Sea Salt’s got it.
· It is likely the best exfoliator in the natural world.
· As an anti-aging facilitator, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles to promote youthful skin.
· Dead Sea Salt heals chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
· If your muscles are sore, Dead Sea Salt soothes sore muscles. It even relieves cramps!
· Are you constantly fighting acne? Dead Sea Salt fights acne like a champ!
· If you want smoother skin, Dead Sea Salt reduces skin roughness and reduces puffy skin.
· Dead Sea Salt calms skin allergies and calms itchy skin.
· Have any stretch marks you want to be gone? Dead Sea Salt erases stretch marks.
It is a truly amazing gift from mother nature. And, if you're like me, you just have to try it. Here are my two favorites:
Dead Sea Salt is the go to for detoxifying and exfoliating. That’s why we are big into into O Naturals Charcoal Dead Sea Salt Scrub. This Charcoal-infused Dead Sea Salt scrub is a serious purifier for your skin. It even tones and buffs your skin to look younger and rejuvenated.
O Naturals Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt Scrub is designed to detoxify and exfoliate your skin.
We love this energizing and sweet Dead Sea Salt Scrub! Check out O Naturals Grapefruit and Vanilla Dead Sea Salt Scrub. This Dead Sea Salt scrub will purify, reawaken, and soften your skin. This scrub will also moisturize tone, fight acne and help to reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
O Naturals Grapefruit and Vanilla Dead Sea Salt Scrub is a truly incredible acne fighter, anti-inflammatory, and eraser of cellulite which leaves you with healthier, firmer skin.
So go ahead and try it. I did and my skin is fantastic!

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