Is There Face Serum for Men?

Is There Face Serum for Men?

The easy answer to this question is yes, there is definitely face serum for men. How do I know? I tried it and you know what? It works and my skin looks and feels great. The real trick to finding a face serum for men is not necessarily looking at the name of the product, but rather, understanding how our skin works and what ingredients work for us because it is definitely different from women’s skin for which most face serums and skincare products in general are designed. So, allow me to break this down for you.

Have you ever wondered why women are always cold and you just want to crank up the AC because you’re really hot?  There’s actually an anatomical reason for this.  Your skin is 25% thicker than a woman’s skin. But there’s a little catch here which is that your skin starts gradually thinning right away but women’s skin stays the same thickness until they hit menopause.  After that it thins out.

  • Your skin has a high collagen density. Because of this naturally occurring collagen density, it is more common for women to show premature age signs faster than men even though they are of the same age. SO BE WARNED! You want to look for those anti-aging serums because when your wrinkles do show up at a much older age, they show up in full force like father-time smacked you in the face one morning.
  • You are prone to some serious acne attacks, because of larger pores and more sebum production. This means that if you have problem-prone skin such as breakouts, clogged pores, blackheads and seborrheic dermatitis, it’s going to be nastier and take longer to deal with. Your level of sebum production remains the same throughout your life while in women it decreases with age. So when you’re getting old you still get those annoying pimples right in the middle of your nose.
  • Your skin’s texture is rough and tough because of a thicker stratum corneum, the outer-most layer of the skin. This is also the cause to the difference in facial wrinkling that develops over the years, where you are prone to developing deeper facial wrinkles also associated with subcutaneous fat loss.
  • To put it bluntly, shaving makes your facial skin more irritated. You may even rack up 16,000 shaves over a lifetime.  When you shave you basically take away the top layer of skin and expose immature, more vulnerable skin.  So there is some serious irritation going on that you need to be aware of.
  • The fact that you sweat more is a double edged sword. On one hand, it also means that your skin is more hydrated but on the other hand, it means that your skin is exposed to the itching and irritation from dried sweat.

With all that said, let’s find that men’s face serum with antioxidant properties to benefit your skin. 

A Face Serum for Men Will Be……

Pore Minimizer Serum

You have larger pores and they get clogged pretty easily. So by getting a pore minimizer serum, you are reducing the ability of dirt, grime, oil, dead skin, and so on of getting into those pores. This is very important because it will prevent at least half of the equation for acne’s formation. Jojoba Oil is an excellent natural ingredient for pore treatment. It unclogs the pores to help minimize their size so nothing gets back in!

Best Serum for Acne

Best Serum for Acne

You are prone to getting more severe cases of acne. We already went through the reason you need a pore minimizer serum to help prevent acne from forming. Unfortunately, it’s only half of the equation so you need the best serum for acne. Your sebum production is high and that means that you are constantly producing more oil so you need something to control that. Hemp Seed Oil is renowned for its ability to control the skin’s natural oil production. So, a hemp serum will definitely help in that regard.

Exfoliating Serum

A face serum for men will definitely need to be an exfoliating serum. You need to exfoliate away as much dead skin and other debris, like dry sweat, on your skin as possible so that they cannot enter your pores to clog them up. And, you know what? An exfoliating serum lets your new skin cells shine a little more to make you look just a little bit more handsome! I will admit that the second exfoliating benefit kind of caught me off guard with a pleasant surprise.

Calming Serum

Shaving, dried sweat from a tough workout or pickup game, you name it, there are so many things your man skin goes through that inflame and irritate it. A calming serum will have the right set of ingredients to sooth the irritation and reduce the skin’s redness. Aloe Vera is going to be your best friend in this regard. Aloe Vera is incredibly well renowned for soothing inflamed skin and it does it at every level, even for your thick man skin.

I use O Naturals Anti-Aging Vitamin C Face Serum.

anti-aging serum is a great face serum for men

This natural anti-aging serum is a great face serum for men. Its innovative combination of natural and organic ingredients really worked to help treat my skin because they are blended in such a way that they can tackle my thick, oily, and ornery man skin.

O Naturals Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum absorbs seamlessly into your skin instantly plumping and hydrating it. It works perfectly as a daily serum boosting collagen production and your skins natural moisture levels while you go about your day. With its phenomenal regenerative and healing powers, it is also perfect for adding health and vitality to your skin while you sleep.

  • Vitamin C is an anti-aging all-star! With its ultra-hydrating and collagen boosting properties it will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and leave you with a renewed, youthful complexion.
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil is the highest natural source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. In a serum form, it can reach the lower levels of your skin allowing it to regenerate your skin cells and fight off free-radical damage where it really matters. What is even better is that Hemp Seed Oil does this without clogging your pores and controls the skin’s oil production. This makes it the best serum for acne for a man’s skin.
  • Jojoba Oil unclogs pores and treats acne, making this a great pore minimizer serum.

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  • Hyaluronic Acid will dramatically enhance the texture and tone of aging skin.
  • Sacha Inchi Oil is rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. It creates a hydrating barrier on the surface of your skin allowing its nutrients to absorb deeply into your pores intensifying their anti-aging effects.
  • Aloe Vera forms the base of this face serum giving it a smooth gel texture without the use of any harsh chemical ingredients. It is an all-natural moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe redness and help to heal any dry and irritated skin, making it the perfect calming serum.


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