Coconut & Shea Butter

Coconut & Shea Butter are the premier combination of natural ingredients that you should be using for your skin!
Coconuts are a highly in-demand commodity due to growing public awareness of their numerous health benefits, for skin, hair, as a part of our daily diet and for our general well-being.
Coconut is derived from the Cocus Nucifera Palm, a large palm growing up to 30 meters tall with leaves of 4-6 meters long.
The largest Coconut producer in the world is Indonesia producing 22 million tonnes of coconuts per year, 36% of total world production. The Philippines produces 19.5 million tonnes, and India produces 10 million tonnes per year.
Coconuts contain antioxidants which are essential to protect the body against harmful free radicals (oxidants) and slow down the aging process. Its detoxifying properties enhance, enrich and purify the skin and keep it looking young and healthy. Coconut is also a natural moisturizer which hydrates and softens the skin.
The aging process begins with fine lines around the eyebrow, commonly known as called “laughter lines” but also called “crow’s feet”. Horizontal lines in the middle of the forehead also appear together with vertical lines in between the eyebrows. Neck lines, sometimes known as “a double chin” appear, with lines around the sides of the mouth.
Additional factors causing fine lines and wrinkles are excessive sun exposure, stress, pollution, smoking and repetitive facial expressions e.g. frowning or squinting.
Shea Butter is derived from the African Karite tree, formally known as Vitellaria paradoxa which is indigenous to 21 countries across West Africa.
It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties as well as high levels of Vitamins A and E. As a result, it heals, protects against free radicals, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, relieves dryness and itching and acts as a natural enriching moisturizer keeping skin hydrated, soft, youthful and vibrant.
Both Coconut and Shea Butter are also highly beneficial and healthy for our hair. As a result of exposure to the elements, blow-drying and straightening, our hair can become damaged and lack volume and sheen. Shea butter and Coconut are natural conditioners which enhance, moisturize and restore, keeping our hair looking smooth, silky and soft.