Are You Cleansing Your Face Correctly?

Are you cleansing your face correctly? Whether you wear makeup daily or prefer the au natural look, cleansing your face daily is essential for healthy skin.

With the myriad of options of cleansers and face washes on the market today it can get pretty daunting. Add that to the current skincare practice of layering and it can really get confusing.

So are you cleansing your face correctly? Below we will give you some tips to make sure your face is left squeaky clean.

How often should you cleanse?

The general recommendation is twice daily - once in the morning and once in the evening. Washing your face in the morning creates a clean base for your daily skincare routine and any makeup you want to apply.

Washing your face in the evening allows your pores to breathe overnight so they won't look congested and clogged the morning. It's also very important that your pores are cleansed so your nightly creams and serums can reach all the way down to the lower levels of your skin. Remember a lot of products are designed to treat skin at a cellular level but they need to get to those cells first.

To single or double cleanse? That is the question

Double cleansing means what it sounds like - washing your face twice. But why double cleanse? The idea is the first cleanse loosens dirt, buildup and makeup. The second cleanse actually removes them from your skin. The most common way to do this would be to use a facial oil for the first cleanse and then a gel/soap/cream cleanser for the second cleanse.

Another gentler method is to use Micellar Cleansing Water for the first cleanse.

If you are wearing makeup, double cleansing is really necessary. No one wants to rub their eye makeup into their chin! It’s also great if you have super oily or sweaty skin. If you have sensitive skin you will need to be really careful with double cleansing. If you don't find the exact right combination of products you can strip your skins natural oils which can cause redness and irritation.

Basically, in most situations, double cleansing for your evening cleanse is awesome but if it is irritating your face stick with single cleansing.

What type of cleanser should you use?

The amount of options is overwhelming but guess what? There is a reason for this. The amount of preferences and skin types is astronomical. Just because that brand name cream cleanser turned your best friends skin from dull and boring to goddess overnight, does not mean it will do the same to you.

Here is a breakdown of the different options available and how to use each one.


Gel cleansers have a gel-like consistency. They are generally designed to be very deep cleansing. If you have sensitive skin you need to make sure the gel you are using is packed with essential oils and is non-drying. O naturals Hemp Seed Oil Face and Body Wash is a perfect choice for sensitive skin.

To use: Wet your face. Apply a coin sized amount to the palm of your hand and rub into face in upwards, circular motions. Rinse well.

Suitable For: Oily and combination skin. If specifically formulated for sensitive skin can be a great choice.

Pros: Deep cleans, easy to apply in the shower, removes oil well.

Cons: Can be harsh on sensitive skin, may need double cleansing for a full face of makeup, can leave skin feeling taut (some people actually love this feeling so this is really a personal preference).


Cream cleansers can come as cream, lotion or milk applications. They lightly cleanse without stripping moisture and natural oils.

To use: If water-soluble apply a small amount of cleanser to wet face and gently massage in. Rinse off with either warm water or a clean, damp cloth. If not water-soluble apply to a dry face in an upwards, massaging motion and then gently wipe off with a clean cloth.

Suitable For: Sensitive, dry and aging skin.

Pros: Very gentle, non-abrasive and should not cause redness. Some can be used without wetting face which can make it a quick cleansing option.

Cons: If skin is oily a cream cleanser won't necessarily make it feel deeply cleansed after use.


Foam offers many of the benefits of a gel cleanser though generally, they make a creamier lather. Some people prefer the texture. They can be a little bit harsher than gels but can normally remove even greasy traces of leftover sunscreen.

To use: Wet face. Apply a coin sized amount to the palm of your hand and rub into face in upwards, circular motions. Rinse well.

Suitable For: Oily and combination skin.

Pros: Deep cleans, removes makeup, sweat and oils very well.

Cons: Can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Micellar Water

Micellar water is a water-based cleanser. It contains no soap but rather tiny molecules suspended in water that are able to cleanse and wash away dirt and impurities. It is gentle and hydrating and though it may have the texture of an alcohol based toner it will not sting or cause tightness to the face.

To use: Apply a small amount of Micellar Water to cotton wool and wipe it over face. No need to rinse.

Suitable For: Sensitive and dry skin.

Pros: Very gentle. Great to use as part of the double cleansing method as it is quick, easy and not harsh at all.

Cons: May not leave skin feeling deeply cleansed. If wearing full makeup may need alot of Micellar Water to remove it all.


Oil Cleansing is a great customizable cleansing solution. You can pick any oil or build your own oil blend to get the benefit of multiple, skin treating oils. Oil cleansing is a little bit controversial and results really vary based on the different oil choices. To find the most suitable oils for your skin a lot of research is needed and a bit of trial and error may happen before you find your fit.

To use: There are different methods. A simple choice is to oil cleanse in the shower by allowing the steam to open up your pores then gently rubbing your choice of oils into your face in an upwards motion for a few minutes. Then gently wipe away any excess oil with a warm, damp washcloth. Splash some cold water over your face to close up your pores afterward.

Suitable For: All skin types assuming correct oil choice is made

Pros: Cost effective and easily customizable as DIY, for many no need to moisturize afterward, only necessary to oil cleanse in the evening. Morning cleanse can just be with water.

Cons: Time consuming, can be messy, if you are not into DIY it may not be the best choice for you.

These are many more cleansing options available such as bar soaps, powder cleansers and konjac sponges. The list is really endless but the above should give you a great idea of what makes sense for your skin type and how to use it correctly.

For more great skincare tips and to see our ever growing range of all natural skincare products check us out at



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