All You Need to Know about Body Scrubs: Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the different abrasive elements commonly used in body scrubs. Now I want to let you know about the other important aspect of an exfoliating body scrub - the base.

Common bases used are gels, creams and oils.

Gels can be a great choice for those looking to cleanse skin thoroughly. They shouldn’t leave any residue behind and can often leave skin with that squeaky clean, tight feeling. Gels often contain harsher, chemical-based ingredients and a high water content which will break down natural abrasive factors like salt or sugar. For this reason, gels are often used in micro-bead formulas (if you remember from part 1), microbeads are made of plastic and don’t dissolve at all). It is common for exfoliators marketed at teenage and acne prone skin to use a gel base. While the idea is to use an oil-free scrub; its not necessarily the best way to smooth and exfoliate this type of skin. Many dermatologists agree that one of the main causes of acne, pimples and overall oily skin is using products that are too harsh, stripping away natural oils and forcing the skin to overcompensate by producing more natural oil than necessary. There are also natural gel bases like Aloe-Vera that can be used and won’t strip away natural oils to the same extent. Again Aloe Vera has a very high water content so if using with natural exfoliators like salt or sugar, you would need to use the formula straight away so they don’t dissolve. Aloe vera is a nice option for a DIY scrub with a one-time use but if you are more interested in purchasing a pre-made scrub that will last some time, gel bases are probably not the right option for most people.

Creams are often used in sensitive skin formulas. They can be very healing in products specifically made for the face. One of the downsides to a cream based exfoliator is they are often heavily based on mineral oil. With a plethora of natural essential and carrier oils available, I would not recommend investing in any cosmetic or skincare product based on mineral oil. Some people may prefer the feel of a cream based scrub but be aware they vary widely in texture, depending on the abrasive factor to cream ratio.

Oils are becoming more and more common as a base ingredient for scrubs. They work well with natural exfoliators like sugar, salt and coffee. Different oils have different skin benefits so oil-based scrubs can be suitable for any and all skin types. The feel luxurious and leave skin silky smooth. One thing to be aware of with an oil based scrub is that once you have washed the scrub off, your skin will be left with a slightly oily feeling. The oils should absorb into your skin quickly but it can take a few minutes. A benefit of this is there is no need to moisturize after showering. It’s almost like a two in one product.

So now that you have a general idea about the different components of a body scrub we hope you are able to find your perfect, skin smoothing match.

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